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Sarena Wolfaard

5Rhythms/Open floor - Processwork

Move to be still...still to be moved

5Rhythms/Open Floor & Processwork

When we suffer from anxiety or stress or feel bad, our body is calling us back home. Dancing brings goodness into our body and soul, and the more we dance the more we feel at home in our body.

Have you lost your sense of joy, or your connection with yourself?
Do your 'path with heart' feels vague and far away?
Do you feel you have no time for yourself, you need a break, life is too much?
Do you long for meaningful connection with others?
Do you desire a sense of fun and lightness within a group?

With 5Rhythms dance and Open Floor movement we move our bodies to music. We connect with the beat and melody, and discover moments of joy and connection. This is a practise we do regularly (a sacred ritual) to build our resilience for when the knocks of life beat us down. The dance deepens as we become familiar with the rhythms, patterns and moods in our bodies. It allows for the possibility of freedom in our bodies and a dance untamed by our beliefs and perceptions of what we think is 'right'. We dance ourselves free!

In Processwork we have the opportunity to touch on what is at the edge of our awareness, discovering and integrating new ways of being, gaining an understanding of why we feel isolated, anxious or disturbed. Through facilitation you connect to your soul's dreaming that often is hidden by demands from everyday life and relationships.

"I've been attending Sarena's classes for more than 10 years. There is always something fresh and engaging each time I attend. Sarena lives deeply into the different areas of expertise that she brings to her work. This is apparent because she teaches with so much openness, passion and curiosity about how we all live in and through our bodies. I love her choice of music and gentle invitations to be attentive to my body and the dance and to allow the fullness of all the different flavours of embodied experience. I highly recommend her classes and workshops."

John Kennedy Adv. Dip. Counselling MBACP, Edinburgh

"I'm forever indebted to the friend who took me along to Sarena's Sunday morning dancing (many years ago now) and opened me up to a whole world of connecting; to my body, to my emotions and to the others joining me on the dance floor. What a joy! 

Sarena holds the container for us dancers with a gentle guiding hand enabling us to show up exactly as we are, express ourselves and move alone or with others as we need to. Her music selection is sensitively chosen and adapted to the energy in the room and what she feels is needed on the day. Sunday morning dance is like the backbone of my week and has continued to be an important part of my life since that first day. There's not much I'll give up for my Sunday mornings! Thank you Sarena for doing what you do with such strength and humility."




I am a dance facilitator, Processwork psychotherapist, therapy in motion practitioner and author coach.

I have had a private practice as a process oriented psychotherapist (process worker) since 2013 and been a 5Rhythms Teacher accredited by Gabrielle Roth since 2004 and an Open Floor International teacher since 2017. 
After completing a BA Hons in languages in 1983, I began my working life in publishing as a commissioning editor and publisher for companies in South Africa, Scotland and England. I co-founded a publishing company, Handspring Publishing, in 2011, at the same time studying Processwork and teaching movement classes as well as offering small group sessions in Therapy in Motion. Over the years I worked with researchers and prominent teachers internationally in the areas of movement science, yoga, Pilates, somatic movement therapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and dance, supporting them to develop their body of work for publishing. I co-authored a chapter titled The 5Rhythms Movement practice: Journey to Wellbeing, Empowerment, and Transformation in The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing (2017).
I facilitate and support from an understanding and exploration of my own experience, informed by more than 20 years of conscious dancing, 10 years of study in Processwork and having done training in attachment theory, trauma informed practice, relationship work. I approach each session (dance and Processwork) with curiosity, compassion, non-judgement and a love for the complexity of our humanness

I am UKCP registered and get regular supervision according to the UKCP requirements. I am a member of 5RhythmsGlobal and a working member of Open Floor International.

'Sarena blends ease, gentleness, soft fire and eloquence to hold the space and facilitate transformative experiences. She offers a deep care and skilful observation to sense what is needed and when. Through her tuition I have experienced deep powerful pain, utterly joyful release and some of the most tender experiences of my year. Sarena’s grace will strike and settle with you as she leads you through wave, after wave to bring you into your present. 


I thoroughly recommend Sarena’s work in five rhythms and facilitating.'

Susannah Dean, British Wheel of Yoga Member & Teacher

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